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Apple could sell over 80 million 5G iPhone in 2020. Some models could be delivered without new technology

2020 is the year in which 5G technology will enter the "mainstream", with the launch of "ordinary" devices equipped with such capabilities. Even if the infrastructure is not yet ready, neither in Romania nor globally, 5G technology will not wait another year. Thus, including Apple, which so far has not offered a 5G smartphone even in a limited edition, could this year offer no less than 5 devices compatible with new generation networks. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the US company expects to sell at least as many 5G devices in 2020, as the iPhone 11 in 2019.

Sales of the iPhone 11 were even lower than Apple's expectations. , the company ordering additional units for the base model and slightly limiting deliveries of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, following market demand. Thus, around 80 million units sold in 2019 of the new series are estimated, a performance achieved in just three months and a bit.

For 2020, Ming-Chi Kuo, a business analyst who always reports on Apple (which most often turns out to be true), says Apple expects to sell between 80 and 85 million devices with integrated 5G antennas and modems. But it seems that not all iPhone in 2020 will be "equal". While some devices will be equipped with 5W mmWave and Sub-6GHz antennas, others will only be delivered with sub-6GHz antennas, while others will be delivered without 5G.

Basic models, the cheapest from the range, they will be delivered without mmWave antennas. Thus, these models can connect to 5G sub-6GHz networks, with higher coverage, but lower transfer rates. Then the top models will include both technologies. Finally, in countries where there is not too much 5G coverage and no serious development plans, the new iPhone 12 could be delivered without 5G. That decision would be taken, says Kuo, to lower production costs. It is not clear, however, whether a lower production cost for a 4G device compared to a 5G device also means a lower shelf price.

The regions that will receive phones equipped with both types of antennas will be the US, Canada, UK. , Japan and South Korea. Then, depending on the operator and the technologies it offers, the phones could run on mmWave or sub-6GHz, or using both technologies.

The iPhone 12 series is expected in September with a new range of devices. They should adopt a new design, with straight edges and screens of different sizes from previous years.


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