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FIIDO D2 – folding electric bicycle, for city trips and leisure walks [REVIEW]

Gone are the days when cycling was a sport in itself, the appearance of the inexpensive models equipped with electric propulsion leaving pedaling as an optional activity, of which you you can totally miss it when traveling through the city.

Designed to fit easily in the trunk of a compact car, or in the elevator, the FIIDO D2 is a bike of the right size that you can rely on for commuting to and from work. to the mountain or to the sea. In addition, the adjustable seat and handlebar can be easily adapted for any family member, up to a weight of up to 120 kg (approx. 80kg, for good acceleration and durability results).

a rather bulky and heavy box, ready to assemble and with the battery almost fully charged. It comes with all the screws tight and just needs to be folded and adjusted to the desired height, then you can go on the road.

Designed to operate as a city bike, used predominantly with electric assisted or fully electric pedaling, the FIIDO D2 is slightly heavier than an ordinary bicycle for leisure, with the manufacturer opting for a very durable steel chassis and massive joints at the folding points. Nor should the 250W electric motor be forgotten, which also contributes to the final weight of 19kg.

Hidden in the double-walled tube of the central chassis, the battery bank is made up of standard 18650 Li-Ion cells and It has a capacity of 7.8Ah (2600mAh x 30 cells). It weighs 1.55 kg and is not automatically removable, but can be removed relatively easily by removing two screws and the power connector attached to the bottom, for example to be loaded into the hotel room, leaving the bike in the trunk of the car. For the rest of the situations, the handle built into the bike somewhat simplifies the lift or ladder.

In the box you will find a user manual in English, 2 keys for starting the bike. , the charger similar to laptop power supplies, as well as some inputs, if you need to tighten some items. The bike is available in 2 colors: black (Slate Gray) and white (Crystal Cream). Unfortunately, the only available battery version is the 7800mAh, enough for about 20 km of full-force driving using full-electric mode, or up to 30 km if you measure acceleration and rarely reach the maximum speed, limited according to European legislation at 25Km / h. Like the previous FIIDO D1, the D2 can be "persuaded" to ignore this restriction, reaching a maximum speed of 30-32km / h with the battery fully charged.

FIIDO D2 comes with a pneumatic suspension at the rear, which can be adjusted according to the weight of the passenger and the level of comfort vs sportiness desired, using the same pump with which we inflate the wheels. Unfortunately, the handlebar vibrates strongly when walking on very uneven asphalt or cubic stone, which can cause pain in the joints. The seat is quite wide and well padded, however, and unlike the use of an electric scooter at high speeds, there is no risk of pain in the knee after prolonged walking on uneven surfaces.

The 16-inch diameter wheels are large enough for a folding bike, but they will look small to those of ordinary size. The benefit, however, is increased maneuverability and easier sliding through narrow spaces. Instead of traditional sheet metal and spokes, the manufacturer opted for cast-iron alloy wheels, which were slightly heavier but very durable. The tires are of the air chamber type, much more comfortable than the full rubber wheels. The inflator valve is similar to those found in cars, with no valve requiring periodic replacement.

The electric motor integrated into the rear wheel hub is coupled to the wheel by means of a fully recessed gear wheel gearbox, the advantage being power Superior acceleration and more compact construction than we find in direct-drive systems or coupled by belt / chain. As a disadvantage we can take the gearbox specific noise, especially felt at the strong accelerations. However, this can be of help to pedestrians, who will more easily notice the approach, exempting the frequent use of the horn. Although there have been some problems with older electric bicycle models, the compact motor drive and speed reducer are considered one of the most reliable solutions currently available for small electric vehicles.

To start the bike you will need one of the keys provided by the manufacturer. All you have to do is turn the key in contact and you're ready to go. The key is only valid for the use of electric propulsion, the bike does not include wheel or handlebar locking system. Due to the light weight, the use of an anti-theft device to attach a well anchored object to the ground is absolutely necessary when parking in permanently unoccupied spaces.

In manual pedaling mode, the FIIDO D2 comes with a single pinion at the rear, the speed ratio offered being adjusted for average forward resistance and a slight displacement of 10km / h speed zone, with or without electrical assistance.

250W power motor is considered an entry-level solution for electric bicycles. In practice, the torque obtained with the help of the speed reducer is more than enough for climbing quite steep slopes, even without manual pedaling assistance. When leaving the place, the sudden acceleration coupling can jump the front wheel from the ground, especially if the battery is well charged.

There is an LED headlamp on the front and a cat-eye stop on the back. ". The headlamp is powerful enough, but it focuses the light in a spot too narrow, so you can only rely on its light at low speed. For use on motorways, adding a set of mirrors (not included in the standard package) might be a good idea.

Fiido D2 offers 3 user selectable modes by means of the button present on the handlebar. The classic mode is likely to be used only when the bike runs out of battery, or when you want to drop a few pounds, the pedaling effort being slightly increased due to the weight of the bike. Fortunately, the engine is decoupled from idling or manual pedaling, so you'll be able to fully utilize the inertia gained by pedaling or going down.

In assisted mode , the electric motor makes pedaling more enjoyable, reducing effort when driving. Unfortunately the implementation is not the best, the system based on rotation detection has a delayed response and a predefined power of the electric motor. This means that the departure from the place is initially cumbersome, after which the entry of the electric motor causes sudden, unwanted acceleration when walking in crowded areas. Once started, the power of the electric motor increases proportionally with the pedaling speed, helping to achieve higher speeds. However, the optimized system for moving on the road without inclination does not take into account the force applied to the pedaling, the aid received when climbing the slopes is often insufficient. The main advantage is the maximization of the autonomy of movement, towards the area of ​​40-50 km.

In the completely electric mode, FIIDO D2 becomes a small moped, provided with pedals in place. area for foot support and right hand acceleration. The acceleration can be dosed smoothly enough to make you fearlessly slip past the passers, or stronger, if you want a strong start. Used in combination with manual pedaling, the full-electric throttle lever seems to offer the best flexibility, both on-the-go and on-the-go or on the slope.

Fiido D2 has disc brakes on the front and back. Although they can be noisy at times, they are very efficient and can withstand downhill without the risk of overheating. Although it is not recommended to use it too much in the rain, the Fiido D2 bike comes equipped with generously sized wheel wings fitted with anti-splash rubber guards.

There is also a telephone support provided with screw and rubber clamps. It can easily hold just about any phone, or a GoPro camera. Also included is a USB port, which allows you to power your phone or camcorder while walking.

The bike is also equipped with a single-tone horn, powerful enough but quite annoying. The remaining autonomy is rendered on a not very precise LED display, on which the battery charge is displayed at the maximum level (5/5) until the actual autonomy drops below 50%, after which the following dashes disappear relatively quickly. In practice, the experience of frequent use will help you to better decipher the remaining autonomy, especially as the accelerating power decreases sharply when the battery is almost discharged. Used in the fully electric mode, the autonomy suffers a lot depending on the weight, the road conditions and the ambient temperature, so you will not be able to travel more than 20km unless you adjust the accelerations and avoid the frequent use of the brake. Once started, the bicycle does not enter regenerative braking when the acceleration is switched off, any hand brake operation reducing from the remaining autonomy. However, you can use idling to maximize the distance covered, using the electric motor's impulses more effectively.

The charging process consists in removing the sealing plug and coupling the power plug. at the bottom of the bike frame. Unfortunately, the level of charging achieved and the remaining waiting time are not communicated in any way, the process being completed only by changing the color of the LED on the AC adapter from red to green. In general, a full charge takes up to 5 hours. The good news is that the AC adapter is small enough and easy enough not to feel it in your backpack or even your pocket, so continuing charging to your destination is a solution when you're in a hurry.

* Note: Engine noise is over-amplified on filming due to the camcorder being fixed directly to the bicycle frame

After use, you can unfold the electric bike by operating the four manual fixing systems. Two are for the lowering of the handlebar and the seat, and the other two are of the hinge type, used to fold the frame and the handlebar. With little training, the operation is simple to perform and does not involve any tools. Something more difficult is the bending of the bike in deep luggage, the weight of 19 kg is a little uncomfortable.


Even if it is not as sporty as a traditional mountain bike, Fiido D2 compensates by convincing you to climb the slopes. and the comfort offered by the air suspension. The right size wheels favor easy handling, and the full-electric acceleration is perfect for sprinting on city streets. The range of approximately 20Km for normal use should be sufficient for weekend walks or daily commute to work, leaving the use of pedals as a backup solution in the event of battery depletion.

well, the construction is practical and well made, the Fiido D2 bike is both comfortable on the long road and solid enough to pass without any emotion over the asphalt slopes.

As disadvantages we have the imprecise way of displaying the battery level and the charging time. relatively large. In the mode of use with pedaling assistance, the intervention of the electric motor is slightly delayed and with the force sometimes inappropriate for the speed we intend to reach, the switching in the manual acceleration mode giving a more precise control.

FIIDO electric bicycle D2 can be ordered from TOMTOP shop's offer at the price of 428 euros with free delivery and without customs duties in the EU territory, including Romania. More TOMTOP offers can be found here .


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