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iOS 13.2.2 solves the problem of multitasking caused by the previous version on iPhone and iPad

iOS 13 is proving to be a bigger problem than originally anticipated by Apple. After excellent iOS 12, which fixed many of the mobile platform's past issues, iOS 13 was released with many new issues, despite the fact that it added many capabilities, especially to the photo and video capture and services category (Apple Arcade , Apple TV +, etc.). Since launch Apple is trying to fix iOS 13 with minor updates, but as a result, it manages to ruin other features. The latest update, iOS 13.2.2, promises to solve the problems that iOS 13.2 caused.

Apple released iOS 13.2.2 as a quick fix to iOS 13.2, the update that brought the iPhone 11. , 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max feature Deep Fusion, dedicated to dimmer photos. Yes, that update brought improved photo performance, by capturing more details, using AI algorithms, but it also ruined one of the most important capabilities of iOS: multitasking.

More users, both from last week, those using iPhone and iPad tablets realized that their phones were no longer holding applications running in the background for more than a few seconds. Thus, the progress achieved could be lost by simply changing the application from one to another. iOS 13.2.2 was made specifically to correct this problem, but it also comes with other minor repairs.

For example, another issue that many users complained about was losing the GSM signal after a call was closed. Apple says it was resolved with iOS 13.2.2 (including my personal phone, an iPhone X encountered this behavior). Another issue related to S / MIME encrypted emails was also solved. Other obscurity issues such as Kerkberos authentication in Safari and Lightning Yubikey devices have also been resolved.

iPhone users starting with the 6S can install this update right now, while iPad users have the iPad available OS 13.2.2.


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