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ONYX E-Ink is a smartphone suitable for reading, recommended by extended battery life

Smartphone products that include a second screen with E-Ink technology are not new, but no one has dared to develop an Android phone with an exclusive E-Ink display, due to obvious limitations of this technology. For example, video playback and any kind of motion pictures are problematic, and the monochrome display mode is not exactly friendly with the usual Android applications.

However, the E-Ink screens have enough advantages that they cannot. be completely ignored. For example, the ability to display static images for any length of time, with zero power consumption. Another advantage appreciated by connoisseurs is the reading experience close to the printed paper, the E-Ink screens displaying images with a high level of contrast, without the need for a light source.

Equipped with a 5.8 "E-Ink screen, the phone The prototype, however, includes a variable intensity front light source that allows for use at night. To reduce the wear and tear as closely as possible to the experience of a conventional smartphone, the screen is covered with glass and includes capacitive touch sensor. Touching the video playback part as well, the manufacturer has included three display settings that prioritize fast image refresh: Normal, Speed, A2 and X modes. None offer perfectly cursive images, completely eliminating the blur effect, but they promise a somewhat intelligible viewing experience, achieved with the price of increased power consumption.

Inside, we find an unspecified configuration based on an octa-core chipset, running a version of Android 9 (possibly Android 10, if the release is delayed long enough).

Feature list includes dual-SIM functionality, Wi-Fi connectivity Fi, 4G LTE and Bluetooth, so in the most modest usage scenario users will be able to read their favorite books while listening to music on wireless headphones, using a streaming service accessed through the internet connection.

Given the particularities of E-Ink technology, the diagonal of the display and the brightness of the screen become irrelevant for power consumption, ONYX E-Ink smartphone can even for several weeks, under intermittent use, with a well-optimized version of Android for efficient battery use.

Unfortunately, the price and availability in stores are not known, exact details to be communicated by the producer in the following weeks.


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