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Strong debut for Samsung Galaxy Fold in the Chinese market

The Chinese smartphone market is highly competitive and very difficult to penetrate for manufacturers outside the country. Starting with the obscene right, relative to the local purchasing power, the launch of Galaxy Fold in China seemed from the start to fail. Reality, however, contradicted all expectations.

Anticipating an initial request of no more than 20,000 units, Samsung came up with an almost empty trolley at the launch event. Contrary to all expectations, buyers attracted by the exoticism of Samsung's first foldable screen phone sold out of stock in less than 5 minutes, the price equivalent to 2288 euros failing to remove the most prosperous middle-class representatives.

No it is unclear whether the small stocks ready to launch were the result of underperforming demand from Chinese buyers, or simply the production capacity available at Samsung's factories cannot meet a higher demand.

Another possible reason for modest stockpiles. Galaxy Fold phones could also be a damage mitigation strategy, with Samsung's first foldable phone already known for its fragility and exorbitant repair costs, which will have to be covered by South Korean after-sales.

Even made as a marketing exercise, the launch of Galaxy Fold in China demonstrates how interest is to foldable handsets, motivating continued efforts to develop this niche market, both for Samsung and other smartphone makers eager to say so.

And indeed, things seem to be moving, with recent rumors indicating the preparation of the Galaxy Fold successor for the month April 2020.


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