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The toughest and weakest phones built in 2019. Which one is worth buying and which one to look out for

The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel is known among smartphone fans as the number one source to check before buying a phone, whether or not it is resistant to everyday use and even some more special cases, such as accidents. Thus, the list of the most "resistant" phones of 2019 is very important now for someone who wants to buy a phone launched last year, which he can probably get at a significant price reduction. Here are the most durable and most disappointing smartphones of 2019 in terms of strength and ease of repair.

The most durable smartphones of 2019

Pixel 3a: the easiest phone to repair in 2019 [19659004] Zack Nelson, the content creator on JerryRigEverything's channel, chose the Google Pixel 3a as the easiest repair device of 2019. It has a very easy-to-replace screen, being held in glue housing and two screws, the entire operation. it can be achieved in just a few minutes. As screen replacement is the most common repair, ease of disassembly and reassembly is very important.

Nubia Z20: the most innovative phone of 2019

Unlike other models, with foldable screens or built-in projectors, The Nubia Z20 was chosen by JerryRigEverything as the most innovative model of 2019, offering two screens: one on the front and one on the back. Thus, the main screen is complete, without cutouts, and mechanical components are not required to activate the camera, as the rear screen can be used as a mirror for selfies made directly with the main camera.

Mention: Samsung Galaxy Fold . This model, even if it is very fragile, offers a 7.3 "screen that can be folded and carried in your pocket, something that many users definitely want.

Samsung Galaxy A80: The phone with the most" cool "components

Because the JerryRigEverything channel was initially dedicated to telephone repairs, it is not surprising that Zack Nelson also appreciates the internal components of the devices. Thus, it offered a prize for the "most beautiful components" of a phone, and it reached the Galaxy A80 from Samsung, a mid-range phone with a camera that rises and rotates in use. Thus, if you change it with a transparent glass panel, you will see the motorboat raising and lowering the camera, something new that is not found on many other smartphones.

Pixel 3a: the toughest phone of 2019 [19659011] Pixel 3a also receives the award for the most durable phone of 2019, in addition to the one for simple repairs. It is made of plastic, so there is a minus component that can break in the event of an accident, while ease of repair is also taken into account. The phone resists bending, despite less rigid construction.

The least durable smartphones of 2019

Royole FlexPai: the hardest phone to repair in 2019

The first foldable phone to hit the market in January, last year, Royole FlexPai, received the award for "the weakest construction" of 2019. The phone is fragile, easy to bend in the opposite direction and can be irreversibly damaged, as it is almost impossible to repair. The reason is that there are no spare parts on the market, whether we are talking about the original ones, or compatible components.

Mention: the iPhone 11 generation . Zack says that the 11th generation iPhone, as well as the XS / XR generation are difficult to repair, especially since the rear glass cannot be replaced, and the repair in official services is extremely expensive. ($ 600 for the 11 Pro Max, $ 400 for the iPhone 11). The screens, on the other hand, are relatively easy to replace, being held in glue and only two screws, but the phones will display a menu error if the operation is performed outside the authorized services, even if the part is original.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7: Worst Construction of 2019

Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7 model took the "golden raspberry" from JerryRigEverything, being one of the few phones that didn't survive the endurance tests of 2019. It broke so much. at the back, as well as at the rear, the whole device becomes impossible to use. Basically, the casing was reduced to a hand of shards, held together by the laminating of the glass and the frame around it.

Mention: Pixel 4 XL . The Google Flagship of 2019 is not only a disappointing phone in terms of design and hardware specifications, it is also a very poorly built phone, according to JerryRigEverything. It broke in four places, around the antenna lines on the outer metal frame. In fact, it is the only phone so expensive among those tested last year that managed to break.


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