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TOP 10 most "cloned" smartphones of 2019 and how to avoid a fake iPhone or Galaxy

A study conducted in China by Master Lu, a popular benchmarking application in China, revealed which phones were the most cloned in 2019. These are phones that are tested with its application and are trying to copy. the identification code of the original models, but which are proven to be false, their hardware and software being completely different from the original ones. In the rankings published by Master Lu, Samsung ranks first in the "most cloned handsets" chapter on the market, followed closely by Apple.

The 2019 ranking published by Master Lu reveals that 28.7 % of "fake" or "cloned" phones in China are Samsung models, 15.88% are Apple models, and 9.6% are Xiaomi models. Other brands such as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo occupy the following places, with 5.25%, 4.36%, respectively 2.08%.

The Master Lu application was used in 2019 to test 6,639,704 smartphones. unique hours. Of these, only 57,790 units were found to be false. It is interesting, however, to look at the ranking of the most "cloned" ten phone models, because the first-place model does not even sell outside China. In fact, this is considered a luxury model, more expensive than the other devices on the list.

Top 10 most cloned phones of 2019

  • Samsung W2018 – 4,688
  • iPhone 8 – 4,445
  • iPhone XS Max – 2,499
  • iPhone X – 2,130
  • Samsung W2019 – 2.126
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 + – 684
  • Xiaomi Mi Max – 613
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 – 463
  • Oppo R11 Plus – 426
  • OnePlus 7 Pro – 407

Of course, there are many fake phone units on the market, but Master Lu creators present statistics on users of their application. Thus, Samsung has three phones in the top 10, which suggests that these are some of the most coveted devices on the Chinese market, users being willing to buy even fake, cheaper models, just to be able to display with one.

Then, it is curious that two of the "most cloned" Samsung models are the W2018 and W2019 flap models. They offer two 4.2 "AMOLED screens and an alphanumeric physical keyboard, far from the most modern design available on the market.

Given how crazy it was with the clones. iPhone worldwide a few years ago, it is curious that the number of cloned models in China is so small compared to Samsung. However, Apple has also managed to enter the top 10 with three very often cloned models.

To avoid such devices, always try to buy phones from secure sources, such as official stores. For SH purchases, be sure to look online for all the details of the phones and, if you can, test them in reality, either in a store or from a acquaintance. Analyze all the details well, as Chinese clones usually do not have the same level of finish. Often, the box and accessories can very quickly empty out as they are usually made from lower quality materials.

Samsung and Apple fake devices are easy to found, as both Apple and Samsung offer highly customized software. For Apple, you should try proprietary applications such as AppStore, Wallet, iCloud integration, camera application and others that could be very difficult or impossible to clone. For Samsung, you can test with the Samsung Members app and the Galaxy Apps app store. Each manufacturer offers proprietary hard-to-clone applications.


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