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What the Galaxy Z Flip looks like, Samsung's first foldable flip phone

If 2019 was the year when we saw the first foldable phones, expensive and yet unfinished models, in 2020 we could receive the first foldable devices for masses. Samsung seems to be trying to launch the first such device in the form of Galaxy Z Flip, the clamshell model we have heard rumors about in the last few weeks. Apart from a few low quality photos and details about the phone's hardware, we didn't get a clear picture on the design, but the LetsGoDigital website, which is used to modeling various patent concepts and drawings, gives us a first look overview of the design of Samsung's next foldable phone.

Using already available high resolution and poor quality images, device information from all sorts of "leaks" and some patents Samsung has registered in the past , LetsGoDigital has created images with Galaxy Z Flip, which could be very close to the final product we might see next month. We are talking about a foldable flap device, not very different in design from the Motorola Razr, which is due to be released in the next few weeks. The two devices have several things in common, but Samsung may have the winning device for several reasons.

At the design level, the Samsung model appears to be a little more "modest". It uses a simple housing with curved lines, buttons on the sides and a fairly simple outer cover. Here are two cameras and a very small secondary display, which seems to display only the exact time and status of the phone, as well as icons for notifications. This screen does not seem to offer additional functionality, as it is just a kind of fast display, probably non-interactive.

Due to the use of such a screen, Samsung could have two advantages: could reduce production costs while keeping more room inside for other components, such as a larger battery, for example.

Inside, however, we will have to deal with a 6.7 "screen, according to rumors, with Full HD + resolution, front camera punching and plastic protection. The phone could use a surrounding plastic frame, similar to the one on the Galaxy Fold, to protect the edges of the screen. The hinge, on the other hand, looks very similar to the one on the Fold, which suggests that the screen could also be folded in a similar style, so we'll probably see a trace of folding in the center, this time horizontal.

With a Snapdragon 855 processor with 7nm and 6 or 8GB RAM, this model could be clearly more attractive than the Motorola Razr, as it could offer better autonomy (due to the more efficient processor), a bigger and better screen, as well as a more attractive price. The rumors mentioned prices between $ 850 and $ 1,000 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, almost twice as low as for the American brand's competitor, which starts at $ 1,500.

Otherwise, it won't be the only foldable device at Samsung in 2020. The company is working on a new Galaxy Fold model, which will improve the design of the original model, just launched in stores in Romania for a month. It is rumored that this will be the first to use an ultra-thin glass protector, capable of being folded without breaking. On this occasion, the "strip" on the center should disappear.


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